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CELESTIAL  LOVE - Three Section Triptiche
CELESTIAL LOVE - Three Section Triptiche

The original of Celestial Love was done as a large pen and ink on watercolor in three seperate sections.  It depicts the Celestial Dragon more common in Asian literature which represent the more aesthetic qualities of life such as  the power of wisdom and compassion.  Celestial dragons man fly without wings transcending earthly bounds.


  In the "Triptiche" form we have printed with archival ink on archival canvas or paper to create Giclee prints of lasting museum quality. These editions are signed and numbered.  They make a very impressive center peice for over a fireplace, bed, or couch.



3 Section 22?x28? (28?x22? total dimension) on Paper: (add $305.00 Signed and Numbered Lithographic Print.)
Three Section 22?x28? (28?x66? Total dimension) Giclee Print on Canvas: (add $605.00 This Triptiche (three section)Giclee Canvas print is printed on Archival Water Resistant Canvas and stretched around the edges so it may be hung with or without a frame. It is a Signed and Numbered limited edition)

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