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original art of animals by Nancy Chien-Eriksen Welcome to the offical web site of Nancy Chien-Eriksen

About Nancy

Nancy Chien-Eriksen received a Magna Cum Lauda Degree in Art history, after attending The University of California in Los Angeles.  Inspired by her calligrapher/artist Chinese diplomat father, from a young age Nancy has prolifically produced drawings and paintings. It is a gift that comes naturally to her.  Her fascination for Italian Renaissance art prompted her to further study drawing and painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Venice Italy, and at the Academia Delle Belle Arte in Florence Italy.  Her background and formal training blend beautifully into a unique blend of western and asian tradition, solidified by her contemporary experience.. Her successful career has included numerous art showing and exhibitions throughout the California and the United States.  Her original works are highly valued and found in the private collections or fine art lovers both in the USA and Internationally. Presently she continues to prolifically produce her art, and also teaches art and Italian language classes, while living and working at her horse ranch in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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